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Personal Property

A small footprint makes it easy to integrate the PPS system into your existing booking area.

Clothing Storage

Crowding and odor control are two of the major problems facing property rooms today.


We believe so strongly in our machines that we offer a warranty like no other.


“The PRE3 was by far one of the best investments we made for our new facility and we couldn’t be more pleased with the unit’s performance. Not only does it control property room odor it provided us with increased storage capacity for inmate clothing.”
Bob Patterson
Major (ret) Bell County TX

The use of the vacuum machine for clothing has allowed us to maximize our storage of inmate property, as we only have a small room. A pleasant addition to the use of the machine is that we can now breathe the air in the property storage room. There is no more smell. ”
Captain Andy Craig

Hancock, IN

Prior to having these machines our property room was a disaster. The smell alone would be enough to keep you away. Once we started using these machines in our new property room we were able to organize the property which saved us a lot of space and the smell is gone.

Our staff actually like working with inmate property now thanks to these machines. The service provided has been exceptional as well. Response times and shipping turnaround allows us to continue to use these machines without interruption.

Kevin Keegan
Jail Investigator
Minnehaha, SD (we’d like to apologize to Mr. Keegan for previously falsely accusing him of being from MN)



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