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Clothing Storage

Clothing storage & odor control

Overcrowding, odor, hygiene and vermin are common problems facing inmate property rooms. The Property Room Expander solves all of these problems with one hands-free system.

the property room expander

If only the rest of the jail ran so easily! Simply load the bag with the clothing to be packed, place it in the loading area and close the lid. That’s it! The PRE5 does the rest. It evacuates the air, seals the bag, and opens itself to reveal a finished piece. Total time, 25 seconds.

The Property Room Expander vacuum packs clothing in a vacuum bag that takes up less than 1/2 the space that current systems use, while eliminating odors and isolating bedbugs and other vermin.  We make inmate clothing store more efficient while making the property room a lot nicer place for your staff to work


storage in less than half the space

Why expand your property room, when you can make it more efficient for much less?

A hanging bag before and after being vacuum packed.  You can’t tell from the picture, but the one on the right doesn’t stink.

how it works

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