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A better method for inmate property storage has been needed for a long time.  It’s not only available, it’s been tested and proven by over 400 jails across the United States and Canada.  

The Guardian Property and Evidence Packaging System eliminates lost property investigations. We save jails time and money.  

In addition, the Property  Room Expander is a hands-free system that vacuum-seals inmate’s clothes and shoes in  half the space, completely odor-free.

Jails don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars, if not more, on modular systems or conveyors.  For under $10,000 a jail can integrate our machines into their current process and make their inmate property storage more efficient, more hygienic, and more secure.  


The guardian system stops lost property claims before they start

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Kentucky Jailers Association
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Personal Property

A small footprint makes it easy to integrate the PPS system into your existing booking area.

Clothing Storage

Store clothing in half the space while eliminating odors and containing the spread of bugs and lice.


We believe so strongly in our inmate property storagemachines that we offer a warranty like no other.  

Featured Products

Guardian Property  Packaging System

The Guardian Property  Packaging System provides a 100% tamper evident method for packaging inmate personal property . Lost property claims are a thing of the past. Inmate property storage will never be the same again.

Property room expander 5

The Property Room Expander 5 or “PRE5” stores clothing and evidence in an exciting new way. A vacuum shrinks clothing to a fraction of it’s normal size, locks in odors and prevents the spread of lice, bedbugs and fleas.  This results in a cleaner property room and a much happier staff.

Why use our systems?


quick installation &
easy to use

Our systems easily integrate with your current property intake system, eliminating the need for a total overhaul. Both systems are easy to use: from intake, to processing and release.


100% tamper evident

The Guardian Property Packaging System consists of vacuum-sealed cards that seal in individual items, greatly reducing lost inmate property storage claims.

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Sanitary clothing storage

The Property Room Expander 5 provides vacuum-sealed clothing storage that traps ectoparasites and ensure odor-free property rooms.


“The PRE3 was by far one of the best investments we made for our new facility and we couldn’t be more pleased with the unit’s performance. Not only does it control property room odor it provided us with increased storage capacity for inmate clothing.”

Bob Patterson

“The use of the vacuum machine for clothing has allowed us to maximize our storage of inmate property, as we only have a small room. A pleasant addition to the use of the machine is that we can now breathe the air in the property storage room. There is no more smell.”

Captain Andy Craig

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